Know about us                      

Mission Statement

The mission of Wontone Technologies is to provide businesses with solutions to their current requirements and problems, in such a manner that is cost-efficient, people-productive, future-oriented, and which catalyze their competitive growth in their chosen domain of operations.

Our target and concern always is to give a maximum automation to various industry sectors. We always are looking to make the reliable business solution for our customers, with highly budget cost. Our target is always looking to use the modern technology for our buyer which makes their work process in a robust environment and get the maximum profit with low expense cost.

Most of our fort lies in the following domains:
- Customized application development and maintenance, both web-based and desktop-   based.
- Open Source customization
- Web design
- Hosting and Domain Registrations
- Animations 
- Print Media
- Multimedia

We have recently been organically expanding our swathe of domain knowledge, by grooming our own personnel through some rigorous training sessions, as well as by hiring talent from outside. So, do look forward to an enhanced list of domain strengths the next time you drop by!

The singular value that drives us is a deep commitment to provide to our client more than what they expected.